The Shadow/Batman #3 – Review

The Shadow - Batman 3 coverDespite the odd bit of wonky storytelling, the ongoing exploration of the relationship between DC’s most iconic non-powered hero and the pulp giant on which his character is based continues to be an engrossing and, more often than not, entertaining read. In the first series featuring Batman and The Shadow, we saw the pair in Gotham and the mythical environs of Shamba-La. In this, the third issue of their second adventure, we see them in the setting of the boardroom of Wayne Enterprises as they try to make a dent in the nefarious vast criminal empire of the Silent Seven (or, if we’re being honest, two). Batman and The Shadow as vigilantes of the stock market? Alright, then…

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Classic Comic Covers! (Carlos Ezquerra Edition)

Carlos Ezquerra died of lung cancer today at the age of 70.

He was best known as the co-creator of Judge Dredd for 2000AD and Strontium Dog for Starlord until the comic was merged with 2000AD in 1978. His art has graced a variety of comics. As well as his work in 2000AD, he has drawn strips for IPC’s war titles and has provided art for a number of collaborations with Garth Ennis including Bloody Mary and Battlefields.

His stuff is really really good. It is gritty, detailed and generally defined by a sense of muscular physical action invariably involving grim, brooding heroes. Or anti-heroes as the case may be.

His work was an integral part of my childhood. The word ‘legend’ is bandied about far too readily these days, but I think, in this case, it’s entirely deserved. Here’s why…

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The Shadow/Batman #1 – Dynamite Entertainment

ShadowBatman01CovAFINCH(This review first appeared on the Weird Science DC Comics website.)

I must admit, this took me by surprise. After all, it was only last week that the last issue of the first mini-series featuring Batman and The Shadow came out and now, here we are, and there’s a new title to consider. This one has a title that puts The Shadow first, though, and, unlike the previous series, it’s set in New York City which is The Shadow’s stomping ground as opposed to Gotham. There’s no Scott Snyder this time around, with Steve Orlando assuming full responsibility for the writing. Gone, too, is Riley Rossmo’s artwork; artist for this set of issues is Giovanni Timpano whose style isn’t quite so distinctive. The last series finished with Batman and the Shadow having somewhat uneasily worked together to save Shamba-La, although the cost of its salvation was its place in our reality. While the differences between them haven’t been properly reconciled, the two vigilantes had at least managed to come to a working agreement. The stage seemed to have been set for their relationship to develop and change. Let’s see if that’s what we get here…

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