Belit Comes of Age – Age of Conan: Belit #5 Review

Age of Conan Belit - coverI was excited about this book when it was first announced. Belit is one of the more remarkable creations in Robert E Howard’s cast of characters. The prospect of the beautiful and fierce pirate, self-styled ‘Queen of the Black Coast’, starring in her own mini-series in the new Marvel Conan universe into which Jason Aaron and Gerry Duggan had already breathed so much new life was cause for celebration.  And I did celebrate. Until I read the first issue and encountered a much younger Belit, whose father was a ‘dread admiral’ and whose mother disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and I realized we were going to get a Belit origin story. Oh, well. To be fair, Tini Howard’s Belit is a strong, engaging character and Niemcyk’s art (although not really my favourite style) has grown on me and both do a decent job of telling their chosen story. The fact it’s not really the story I wanted is just one of life’s little annoyances, isn’t it? Let’s see how it ends…

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Ding-Dong In The Desert – Wonder Woman #54 Review

Wonder Woman 54 alt cover

Jenny Frison’s covers are one of the highlights of the Wonder Woman book. Just. Awesome.

So, Wonder Woman, eh? I’ve been a Wonder Woman reader and fan for a lot of my life and it’s always an honour and a privilege to read and review her adventures. The last couple of issues have seen Diana team up with Artemis and the new Aztek in order to free her aunt Atalanta from the clutches of Tezcatlipoca, the Shadow God and sworn enemy of Aztek and the now-defunct Q-Foundation. While the art for those two issues (by Aco) was astonishing and there were some rather nice ideas thrown into the mix, it’s safe to say that the story’s resolution, depending as it did on a somewhat hackneyed ‘let’s-all-band-together’ Maguffin and a typically Orlando-esque quantity of technobabble (“I’m hacking a weapon from a higher plane of existence and hoping I don’t lose my mind, okay?” – Hmmm. Passive-aggressive technobabble at that), left much to be desired. It’s a good job, then, that this issue the creative team lowers its sights a little and decides to tell us a tale that’s more grounded in political reality.

Let’s find out how they get on…

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Electric Warriors #2 – Review

Electric Warriors 2 coverLast issue’s opening instalment in this limited series set in the 27th century was as perfect a display of writer Steve Orlando’s strengths and weaknesses as one could wish for: intriguing background conveyed through dialogue that is invariably being shouted out during some kind of combat; non-infodump dialogue marinated in a sauce equal parts silliness, melodrama and social justice posturing; judicious plundering of the more obscure corners of the DC Universe; and, dammit, despite all that, some hints that there might be a story here worth reading. Having spent last issue setting up the basic premise of this series, it’s now time for some serious action. Let’s see if Orlando and artist Travel Foreman deliver, eh?

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