All About Angie – The Wild Storm #9 (DC Comics)

The Wild Storm 9 coverAfter the startling expansion of the Wild Storm universe last issue and the brutal action of the one before it, we’re probably due a bit of a rest and that’s more or less what we get with this ninth issue of the Wild Storm. That’s not to say that this issue is dull, boring or without incident, though. Far from it. It’s just that, whereas the last couple of issues have broadened the series’ focus, this one deepens it. Allow me to explain…

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Cartoon Chaos – Dastardly & Muttley #3 (DC Comics)

Dastardly and Muttley 3 coverGiven the distinctly uneven quality of DC’s Hanna-Barbera titles, Garth Ennis and Mauricet’s Dastardly and Muttley has been surprisingly fun. Having crossed paths with a reality-altering US military drone, their lives have become that weird mixture of absurd, terrifying and frenetic that can only really be described as ‘madcap’. The last issue ended with the President of the United States assaulting his political rival with a cartoon mallet live on national television, while Dick Atcherley and his dog-faced co-pilot watch on in horror. How things are going to play out is anyone’s guess. There’s only one way to find out…

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At My Desk – A Poem

I get inspired to write poetry about once a decade. (After reading this, you’ll almost certainly be very grateful for that.)

At my desk,
The shadows close in,
Thick like velvet drapes,
Texture like tar.

There are things to be done.
Important things
Silly things
Boring things
Pointless things
Worrying at threads
Always whispering.

The lamp flickers on.
Pens glisten
And the white expanse
Of an exercise book
Gleams, words
Pressed close to the margin.
Strength in numbers.
The pen is briefly cold
But soon warms,
Takes heat from my hand.

The lampshade glows steady.
But the shadows remain,
Trembling in the corner of my eye,
Perhaps in anticipation,
Perhaps with the simple knowledge
That their time will come.