The Kalaz’an Conspiracy – Prologue


Schofield’s voice was unnaturally calm, his pinched face painted a lurid red in the emergency lighting.

Scowling, Marris gritted her teeth, clutched the arm rests on the command chair and braced for impact. There was a subtle, shivering shudder as the Kalaz’an missile slid through the Valiant‘s shields and then phased through the thick polyferrocrete of the old cruiser’s hull.

“Penetration!” Schofield again, his voice sharp.


A sudden, sickening lurch threw her against the harness; it seemed to Marris that the Valiant lost its artificial gravity for a second, bucking like a particularly truculent mount.

“Co-or…” Marris swallowed down the bile in her mouth. “Co-ordinates?”

On the periphery of her vision, Schofield wiped a trickle of blood from the fresh wound on his forehead.

“Deck fourteen.” He grimaced. “Genetic research.”

Marris swore and began to unbuckle herself.


She glared at Gordon, fixing her second in command with as steely a look as she could manage under the circumstances. She stood uncertainly. The arti-grav had reasserted itself, but her sense of balance had yet to settle. She made herself straighten up. Gordon watched her carefully.

“You have the conn. You can start by directing energy to the phasic shields on the engine decks and calculating additional firing spreads for the tachyon cannon. I will not allow this ship to be fired upon without reply.” Nodding curtly, Gordon turned to the intercom on his console and began snapping orders at the Weapons Officer on the firing deck.

Marris glanced across at her Science Officer who was watching her warily. “Garrison, you’re with me. We’ll pick up a security detail on the way.”

Not waiting for a reply, she headed towards the SpineWay, removing her decidedly irregular hand blaster from its holster as she did so.

Only she and Garrison knew what the Kalaz’an were after; only she knew why they were after it. This was something she had to take care of personally. Whatever the cost, she would not let the filthy mindshredders steal The Child.

Author’s Note: This may be the start of something new. Who knows? I have a couple of good ideas for this. We’ll see where it goes.

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